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Hit the ground running this year with the latest member onboarding and retention info. Find the new member onboarding and retention guide, Fast Start+ local market events, client retention resources and much more. Bookmark this page to check back for more member onboarding and retention updates and resources.

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The next generation in member onboarding

Take your member onboarding efforts to the next level with our all-new automated email journeys. Don’t miss this chance to drive member satisfaction simply and seamlessly.

We’ll email members on your behalf about plan essentials in their language of choice (English or Spanish) so you can spend more time deepening relationships. We do the work; you get credit for it.

Learn more about the program, why you should sign up and how it works in this one pager,

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Agent advice for success

Check-ins are a good time to do those extra little steps like reminding clients to get regular exams and screenings.


licensed Medicare sales agent

Continuing to service [the product] is as important as putting somebody in the product itself.


Humana Senior Sales Manager

I try to help resolve issues. . . members really appreciate that because it's showing ownership.


Humana Sales Agent

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Member onboarding

Improve client retention



Member onboarding

Enhance your client’s onboarding experience.

The sale is just the start of your client relationship. Set up your clients for success by helping them make the most of plan benefits, find providers and fill prescriptions. Provide members a better plan experience by connecting them to the MyHumana app. This app offers 24/7 access to their plan info, claims, digital ID, providers, available pharmacies and more.

Discover what you need for member onboarding with our member onboarding and retention guide. And check out our new Health Risk Assessment* page (formerly the Member Care Assessment) to find another tool to help clients in need.

Improve client retention

Client retention is essential to your book of business. Discover the tools to help keep that retention high.

Your client retention is the foundation of your business. You understand the importance of providing caring, customized service to your clients. Happy clients turn into loyal clients and their referrals can become a key part of your growth strategy.

We have the resources to help. Check out the new member onboarding and retention guide to learn member onboarding best practices and find out how to have the right conversations at the right time. Plus, find a slew of other resources on our retention educational resource page.


Humana offers more than just health insurance plans. We also provide community resources and activities that help people live healthy lifestyles and get the care they need.

Humana creates opportunities for people to come together for fitness, education and socializing. Humana Neighborhood Center (HNC) is a place where participants can connect with their community, including those enrolled in Humana plans and those who aren’t. Participants can even take advantage of in-center preventive health screenings, flu vaccines and more.

People who need support beyond the scope of health insurance plans can find local resources using the Humana Community Navigator. Resources include food, housing, transportation, financial assistance and more that might be available to community members, including those not enrolled in a Humana plan. Take advantage of this tool to go above and beyond helping people find the help they need.

Also, the Member Care Assessment is now the Health Risk Assessment. Check out this updated page to find more info on the online survey you can use to determine clients’ needs.


Want to get clients excited about what Humana’s network could offer them? Learning about Humana’s plans and network of providers is the first step. Get in the know here.

To speak confidently to clients about care options, the importance of selecting a primary care physician (PCP) and more, you must first educate yourself on how Humana’s plans and network of providers help bring human care to members. Get an in-depth look at our network of providers and the value they offer to Humana members by exploring these available resources.

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