Honoring Veterans. Serving Veterans.

Our Veterans went above and beyond, so they deserve nothing less than our best. That’s why we work with Veterans organizations across the nation. Why we created Honor Plans* designed with Veterans in mind. And why we collected this content to help you help them.

*All Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to enroll in a Humana Honor Plan, where available, and Medicare-eligible Veterans can enroll in any Medicare plan.

  • Veterans Roadshow Training Events

    Learn about Veterans, Honor Plans and the VA. Virtual events are available. Select “Local Events” from the dropdown menu to get started.

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  • Veterans Healthcare Training Webinar

    Get an in-depth look at Veterans’ healthcare options, from the VA to MA. Select “Webinars” from the dropdown menu to get started.

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  • The Power to Make a Difference: How You Can Help Veterans Get the Care They Need

    Learn how to connect with Veterans and guide them through their healthcare options in this one-hour webinar.

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Veteran Resources

Check out our latest Veteran content created to help you do well for yourself by doing good for others.

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One Pagers
Read Time: 5 min
Talking with Veterans: Basic Training
Good communication is mission critical for Agents. Learn how to talk with Veterans.
Read Time: 7 min
The Four Potential Needs of Aging Veterans
Aging veterans may have different healthcare needs from civilians. Read on to learn more.
One Pagers
Read Time: 5 min
Veteran Healthcare Benefits 101
Wondering which government benefits are available to Veterans? Check out this essential guide.

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