Why Food Matters for Health and Humana

We’ve all heard “You are what you eat.” But what if you don’t have enough food to eat or you’re unsure where or when your next meal will come from? What does that make you? The likely answer may be some combination of tired, hungry and unhealthy. Poor diets have been associated with health risks such as heart disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.¹ Some seniors especially face the threat of food insecurity, defined as a lack of consistent access to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle. In fact, nearly 9.5 million seniors deal with some level of food insecurity.² Feeding America, a domestic hunger-relief charity, estimates that more than 50 million Americans, including 17 million children, may have experienced food insecurity in 2020.³

At Humana, we recognize the vital role food plays in maintaining whole-person health. That’s why we’re making a concerted effort to help our members get more access to the nutrition they need to live their healthiest lives.

A Game-changing Benefit

In 2019, Humana launched the Healthy Foods Card, which gives eligible members a monthly allowance to use for groceries. Allowances for 2021 Healthy Foods Card holders are $25, $50 or $75 per month depending on the plan. This benefit revolutionizes the way Humana tackles social determinants of health like environmental factors, lifestyle and social circumstances, all of which account for 60 percent of a person’s overall health. Available on 77 of 89 Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plans (DSNPs), this card helps those people who need it most when they need it most to help keep food on the table. Learn more about the Healthy Foods Card in this toolkit.

A Major Sales Differentiator

During your next DSNP sales meeting (if the Healthy Foods Card is available in your market), try asking your qualifying prospect “Would this benefit help you?” No gimmick, the Healthy Foods Card functions like any other supplemental benefit, such as SilverSneakers®. Humana understands that, just like fitness, food can make a positive impact on health. Humana continues to create innovative benefits, like the Healthy Foods Card, that aid in promoting health and making it easier for Agents to sell our plans.

More than the Card

In addition to the Healthy Foods Card, Humana has teamed with Feeding America to develop the Bold Goal Toolkit. Agents can visit our Population Health website to see the other ways Humana addresses food insecurity at the community level. Our zoom in™ tool gives Agents a way to connect members with resources in their community, like Meals on Wheels. Our Uniting to Combat Hunger campaign with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) helps address Veteran hunger with food drives. The campaign aimed to collect 500,000 meals in 2020.

Looking for more Healthy Foods Card information?

Check out our Agent toolkit to learn more.