How Humana Helps Advance Veteran Health

Committed to Veterans and their health for more than twenty years, the scope of Humana’s involvement spans both internal and external programs. From hiring initiatives to community partnerships, charitable donations to food drives, learn how Humana is helping Veterans.

Deploying Honor Plans

Created in 2019, Humana designed 17 Honor plans in 28 states¹ to affordably complement Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare benefits with $0 premiums. These plans are available to any Medicare beneficiary who lives in the service area, but may be a good fit for a Veteran. Every plan but one offers a Part B giveback. These plans give Medicare beneficiaries access to robust dental coverage and urgent care access in addition to vision and hearing coverage across an extensive provider network. Humana Honor plans also include supplemental benefits like SilverSneakers® and an OTC allowance which can help support members maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Joining Forces with Veteran Service Organizations

Since 2012, Humana has teamed up with two prominent veterans service organizations: Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Veterans (AMVETS). These initiatives began with Humana becoming their exclusive national Medicare Advantage plan carrier. Humana and the VFW have expanded their mutual support of Veterans by collaborating with other organizations to create a Veteran food-insecurity awareness and donation campaign called Uniting to Combat Hunger. In 2019, it provided 300,000 meals to Veterans in the greater Orlando area.² As a sponsor of VFW’s annual convention, Humana also provides convention health screenings.

Fighting for Military Health with TRICARE East

TRICARE provides health plans for uniformed military personnel. Contracted by the Department of Defense (DoD), Humana managed TRICARE South for twenty years beginning in 1996. In 2016, the DoD merged the South and North regions to form TRICARE East. Humana was awarded the contract and now serves approximately six million beneficiaries in 30 states.³

Marching Out Hunger

As a common military exercise, ruck marches (loaded marches) help the military train and prepare for the field. Humana leverages this practice to help raise awareness for Veteran food insecurity with ruck marches during the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathons. Participants complete a 5k walk while wearing a backpack weighted with 30 pounds of nonperishable food. The marches not only build awareness for food insecurity but also help develop greater empathy for and connection with Veterans by mirroring a military training exercise.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder aims to raise awareness for Prisoners of War (POWs) and those Missing in Action (MIA) through a community motorcycle ride through Washington, D.C. In addition to sponsoring the event, Humana unites with Feeding America to conduct a community-wide food drive in conjunction with the event.

Saluting Wounded Warriors

As a sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team, Humana helps showcase the resilience and abilities of injured Veterans. The annual event pits Veteran amputee athletes against former National Football League players in conjunction with the Super Bowl to raise awareness of and support for wounded warriors and their families.

Launching Entrepreneurs

Humana donated $1 million to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV), an innovative experiential training program to encourage small-business ownership for post-9/11 Veterans. Of EBV enrollees, 92 percent4 have launched a business venture and are still in business in industries as wide-ranging as construction to real estate, filmmaking to consulting.

Support the Cause

Humana is committed to serving Veterans, and Agents like you can help us further that cause. Here’s how.

Keep Training

Attend a virtual Veterans Roadshow event and be sure to register for the Veterans Healthcare Training webinar. Take advantage of all that Ignite and MarketPoint University have to offer.

Find Your Team

Reach out to your local BRM/BREs or the Agent Support Unit to learn about opportunities in your area to engage with Veterans.

Get the Goods

Head to the Marketing Resource Center to get all your pre-approved, Veteran-specific marketing and sales materials designed with Veterans in mind.


¹ Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Washington.