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It’s time to put human care to work. That’s why Humana has joined with trusted retailers across the country to give you the opportunity to host tabling events in their stores. Connect with potential clients in person and help Medicare eligible prospects find the healthcare that’s right for them. Grab a basket because we’ll provide you with everything you need, from educational resources on best practices to kits with all the assets you need to set up in store to Market Leader support every step of the way.  

Step by Step

How the Retail Program Works

  • Get invited

    Market Leaders reach out to Agents in participating areas.  

  • Get all the info 

    Receive your welcome email and a cartload of educational resources to help you prepare.  

  • Receive your kit 

    Arrange a kit pick up time with your local Market Leader or have it shipped directly to your house.  

  • Go to store 

    It’s time for your events! Set up in store, talk to potential clients and report back on any lead data after each event.  

Grassroots Meets Grocery

  • What to expect 
    • Once you’ve signed up, be on the look out for your welcome email.
    • Watch the educational webinar for tips and best practices for grassroots marketing. 
    • Get your retail kit through your Market Leader or delivered straight to you. This shipment is a big one! We didn’t throw in the kitchen sink but it comes with everything you need, including a table and on-premise signage. Coordinate with your Market Leader on details. 
    • Your Market Leader will provide updates on training opportunities, kit arrival and more.  
    • Show up at the scheduled date and time. If you’re unable to make it, contact your Market Leader as soon as possible. 

Major Brands

2021 Retail Affiliates

We want to make it even easier for you to connect with Medicare eligible customersThat’s why we’ve teamed up with major retailers across the country. We’re working with trusted brands like Walmart, Kroger, and Albertsons to amplify your reach and help you find new prospects where they shop.  

The Kit Rundown

What’s included?

Before you go to stores, you’ll receive a retail kit with the signage and table you need to establish your in-store presence. Each kit is designed for the specific retail location and comes with an In-Store Engagement Booth Pack, including signage to direct shoppers to you. There’s also Health and Safety Pack for cleaning and sanitizing. To get what you need to hit the aisles, connect with your Market Leader to coordinate your kit shipment. But first check out our Kit Guide to learn more about what comes in the kits.

Get The Word Out

Shop marketing materials on the MRC

No coupons necessary. We have all the marketing materials you need for before, during and after you head to the store. Check out the Marketing Resource Center (MRC) to find consumer giveaways and consent to contact forms. But don’t discount all the other goods on the MRC, like Humana branded PA announcement scripts to use in store, social media posts, personalized entrance posters and direct mail to get the word out.  

Retail Marketing Education 

Check out more resources 

Jump into the educational express lane to find even more resources to be successful in store. Our program webinar overview, mini-guide and lead generation playbook will help you discover grassroots marketing best practices and provide tips and tricks to connect with prospects.  

  • Program Webinar Overview

    Watch this webinar to learn all about the program, find out how it’ll benefit you and discover tips and tricks for in-store marketing success.

    Watch now
  • Mini-Guide

    Download the mini-guide for your checklist and to discover best practices during your event.

  • Lead Generation Playbook

    Learn how to use traditional and digital marketing to drive your sales successs.

    Access the Playbook
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