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We’ve created a place to meet new friends, learn new things and have fun along the way. Humana Neighborhood Centers give participants a safe, friendly place to enjoy personalized health and wellness programming, connect with peers and get compassionate customer service from our world-class support team. Whether they’re visiting one of our in-person centers or taking part in our virtual offerings, members can always expect a warm, welcoming experience that provides whole human care. 

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Participant benefits

Community. Companionship. Care. See what we have to offer.

Whether it’s a fun fitness class, a health education demo, or just a place to hang out, Humana Neighborhood Centers provide a variety of no-cost educational and recreational opportunities for adults. Our onsite educators empower participants to take control of their own well-being through educational health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programming in a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

  • Health and wellness education

    From fitness classes to chronic condition lectures, Humana Neighborhood Centers empower participants to effectively manage their health conditions and achieve their best health yet through a variety of focused in-depth programming. 

  • Social activities and community engagement

    Loneliness and isolation can have a serious impact on seniors’ physical and mental health. Humana Neighborhood Centers provide a friendly space to connect with one another, engage in fun activities together, and form lasting, meaningful friendships.  

  • In-center screenings and support

    Featuring preventive health screenings, flu vaccine clinics, and more, Humana Neighborhood Centers take a proactive approach to helping members be healthy and active. Participants have the ease and convenience of speaking with onsite health educators about their individual needs. 

Member offerings

Get more out of the Humana Neighborhood Center experience

Eligible members may enjoy these extra benefits that go beyond Humana Neighborhood Center’s standard offerings.* 

  • On-demand customer care

    This members-only resource offers live, on-demand answers to questions about plan benefits, class offerings, membership perks and more. Members get quick, efficient customer support when they need it, in person or online. 

  • SilverSneakers® fitness

    Let’s get physical! Eligible members may enjoy unlimited access to all SilverSneakers® fitness classes nationwide, either in person or online. It’s a great way to get fit, make friends, and have fun.* 

  • Go365 rewards

    Good health is its own reward, but a little extra doesn’t hurt! Members can earn redeemable gift cards for completing activities through their in-person or virtual Neighborhood Centers.* 

  • Members-only events

    Roll out the red carpet! Humana Neighborhood Centers host fun-filled Member Appreciation Days and other events throughout the year that are only available to Humana members.  

You're always in our neighborhood!

Whether it’s in person at our physical centers or online through our Virtual Neighborhood Centers, members are never too far away to stop by for a visit.  

Upcoming events

What’s new in the neighborhood?

Stay in the know about the latest educational health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle classes with the Virtual Neighborhood Center calendar. Click here for the info you need to keep your clients informed and interested in upcoming online health and wellness events. 

Connect with clients

Leveraging Humana Neighborhood Center for leads

Partnering with Humana Neighborhood Center helps you connect to new prospects by hosting presentations, networking with local businesses and much more. Programs like Agent of the Day, Medicare 101 and Programs in a Box give you a trusted platform to establish yourself as a familiar face and spark meaningful conversations with members of your target audience. 

Education on the go

Humana Neighborhood Center programs in a box

Available for download via the MRC, Programs in a Box are a great way to showcase Humana Neighborhood Centers’ offerings. Choose from more than 35 easy-to-follow health and wellness presentations to help you expand your client reach and leverage new leads. 

  • Take the training

    Ready to incorporate Programs in a Box into your sales strategy? Get started today by contacting your SMSE for more information. 

  • Search the MRC

    Now that you’ve completed training, which Program in a Box will you choose? Access the MRC to explore our selection of available programs. Just type “Programs in a Box” into the search bar and select the program of your choice.  

    Access via Vantage 
  • Download the program

    Once you’ve selected the Program in a Box you will use, simply download it from the MRC. Now you’re all set to educate and empower members and prospects in your community! 

    Access via Vantage 
Spanish-language offerings

Humana Neighborhood Center en español

Health has no language barrier. Humana Neighborhood Center proudly offers special events and offerings for our Spanish-speaking members. For more information on upcoming Spanish-language programming, please call 787-993-8250. 

Keep them coming back

Leveraging Humana Neighborhood Centers for retention

Members find more value in their Humana plan when they take advantage of all the resources Humana Neighborhood Centers have to offer. By helping members access and enjoy the classes, customer support, community engagement and more at Humana Neighborhood Centers, you’re building the kind of loyalty that drives re-enrollment rates. 

Go beyond
Educational resources

Ready to learn more about Humana Neighborhood Centers? Take a look at the available resources we have created to help you expand your knowledge and pass it on to your clients. 

Unlock resources

3-30-60-90 Day Conversation Guide
Grab this guide to discover the latest on member onboarding, improving client retention and more.

One pager

Talking to Clients About Humana Neighborhood...
Work Humana Neighborhood Center into client and prospect conversations with these talking points.

Find locations

Are we in your neighborhood?

Humana Neighborhood Centers are located in cities across the United States. To find the Neighborhood Center nearest to you or a client, head to our Locations page and scroll down to find the search function.  

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