Health happens all day, every day.

Humana's Member Care Assessment

As an Agent, you know that maintaining health is more than simply visiting the doctor. It’s all about the little choices you make all day, every day. Like eating more vegetables, taking yoga classes or calling good friends.

Humana’s Member Care Assessment (MCA) helps us—and you—understand where our members are on their health journeys. It helps us be more proactive when and how it matters most to our members. That’s human care, and it’s at the heart of the MCA.

What is the MCA?

The MCA is an optional post-enrollment, online, scripted survey that Agents give to new members. It asks a series of health and well-being questions. The MCA takes a mere seven to 10 minutes to complete. It helps Agents and Humana pinpoint members’ health needs at home by asking about their health status, housing, financial wellness, social connections, vaccination status, transportation, food security and every day tasks. Remember that the MCA is optional for members to complete.

Looking for step-by-step details? We’ve got you covered!

Let's get started

How does it work?

Start by taking the required MarketPoint University Training accessible via Vantage. Simply search for “Member Care Assessment”. Once you’re done, you’ll get an email from Revel to access the care assessment platform. Once the client is enrolled, you have five days to ask them to complete the optional survey (use the exact scripting provided in the training).* Just make sure to complete it within five days of the signature date to be eligible for additional compensation.** Make sure to confirm the client’s language preference and complete all requirements noted in your contract and applicable policies. You can complete the MCA in English, Spanish, Korean, or traditional Chinese.

If you used Enrollment Hub to complete the application, check to see that you have the direct MCA link and single sign on.

For full instructions, you can download the MCA guide.

2-Minute Video

Member Care Assessment Demo Video

In this short video, you’ll learn what you need to do to successfully complete the Member Care Assessment survey. We’ll take you through how to access and navigate the assessment portal, and we’ll show you how to conduct the optional survey with a member.

When it occurs

Member Care Assessment and Bold Goal

The optional Member Care Assessment survey must be completed within five days of new client enrollment.** If you miss completing the MCA within the required 5-day time frame, conduct the optional Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Assessment with members at your 30-day check in. Continue using the SDOH Assessment at 60- and 90-day check ins as members’ health needs can change quickly and over time.***

Your Local Support

Need more assistance regarding the MCA?

Have questions? Whatever you need, your sales leader can support you. Give them a ring or send a quick email. Just be sure to reach out to your team.

*Reminder: This survey is completely optional for members to complete, and the agent is not permitted to complete it until enrollment is complete and unless the member states that they wish to do so. The member can choose to stop the survey at any time or choose not to answer a question. At no time should the agent ask the member to continue if they are uncomfortable with answering any of the questions.

**In order to receive the payment, the agent must follow all the requirements outlined in the applicable policies and mandatory training, along with the requirements noted in the agent’s contract.

***Member Care Assessments completed after five days are not eligible for additional compensation (e.g. Member Care Assessments that are completed at 30, 60 or 90 day check ins.)

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