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Welcome to Humana Pharmacy,* an award-winning, mail-order, preferred cost-sharing pharmacy on many Humana plans. What do your clients get when they choose Humana Pharmacy? Speciality medications, over-the-counter products and low-cost generics delivered to their home. Multiple refill options–mail, phone, mobile app or online–meet each member’s unique needs. In short, a pharmacy that makes adhering to medications easier, personal and more caring. That’s what we call human care. We’re not the only ones who think so. J.D. Power has ranked Humana Pharmacy number one in customer satisfaction for mail-order pharmacies four years in a row.1

Agents are prohibited from directing members to using Humana Pharmacy for their prescription needs. Agents may only discuss Humana Pharmacy as one of the available options for an in-network pharmacy with members.


Humana Pharmacy Consent

You became an Agent to help people. Now you can take that mission one step further with Humana Pharmacy. The Humana Pharmacy consent form opens the door to a mail-order, preferred cost-sharing pharmacy with 90-day supplies. Better medication adherence may help members avoid emergency department visits². If a member is interested in hearing from Humana Pharmacy, use one of the three methods below to capture consent for Humana Pharmacy to contact your clients. Access online enrollments tools and forms via Vantage.

Learn how to ask for consent for Humana Pharmacy here in English or Spanish.

Online Enrollment

A few seconds at the end of the enrollment process could mean possible savings. Ask clients you enroll if they’d like to hear from Humana Pharmacy and select “yes.” Remind self-enrolling clients about Humana Pharmacy and to check “yes” if they’re interested.

Get Started
Paper Consent Form

Prefer paper? Download the Humana Pharmacy consent form from the Marketing Resource Center (MRC) accessible via the Vantage Agent portal. You’ll need to mail or fax the form to Humana Pharmacy.

Head to Vantage
Existing Members

Forgot to ask about Humana Pharmacy at enrollment? Don’t worry. Existing members who would like to hear from Humana Pharmacy can call to give Humana Pharmacy permission to contact them. You can direct existing members to call 1-855-310-5799.

Humana Pharmacy

Pharmacy Preparation

Get up to speed on Humana Pharmacy consent form options as well as the member experience. Register for a training today. Want an overview? This seven-minute video gives you the 101 on Humana Pharmacy for you and your clients.

Humana Pharmacy Videos

More than Just a Package

Your clients get more than just their prescriptions when they use Humana Pharmacy, they get service, accuracy and safety. Watch to learn how.

Watch the full mini series
More than Just a Package

Your clients get more than just their prescriptions when they use Humana Pharmacy, they get service, accuracy and safety. Watch to learn how.

Welcome to Humana Pharmacy

In this short video, learn what happens behind the scenes after members fill their prescriptions with Humana Pharmacy.

Humana Pharmacy's Over-the-Counter (OTC) Shopping Experience

Not sure how the OTC allowance* works for your clients? Watch this one-minute video to learn how Humana Pharmacy makes ordering health and wellness products easy.

* OTC allowance is not available on all Humana plans. Refer to First Look or the Summary of Benefits to see if a plan includes the OTC allowance.

What is Humana Specialty Pharmacy?

Discover how Humana Pharmacy makes managing chronic or complex conditions easier for members with door-to-door delivery and a dedicated team who can provide additional support.


Humana's Marketing Resource Center

Looking for pre-approved, customizable and ready-to-use Humana Pharmacy marketing materials? Head to Humana’s Marketing Resource Center to find traditional and digital assets you can use today. Type “Humana Pharmacy” in the search bar to find the Humana Pharmacy member consent form and enrollment book as well as Facebook posts, flyers, postcards and more.


Dedicated to Your Success

Not sure how to talk about Humana Pharmacy during the enrollment process? Unclear on the consent process? Need help developing marketing or retention strategies that work? Your local support team can guide you on the ins and outs of Humana Pharmacy.

*Members may choose to fill their prescriptions at any in-network pharmacy and are not required to use Humana Pharmacy. Many of Humana’s other in-network pharmacies offer preferred cost sharing.



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