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Routine dental care can make a big difference for your members’ smiles and their overall health. Help build your pipeline with Humana’s dental plans.

Oral health means whole-person health

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Dental Plan Options

Humana Dental plans provide access to 270,000 dentist locations. Which means healthier smiles for less hassle.

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    Complete Dental PPO

    The best option for members looking for robust dental care.

    • In- and out-of-network benefits
    • Coverage on major services (such as root canals and dentures)
    • 100% in-network coverage for preventative services

    Loyalty Plus PPO

    Members get rewarded for loyalty with increasing benefits for their second and third years on this plan.

    • No waiting periods—immediate access to care
    • Yearly increases in coverage and annual maximums
    • Freedom to visit any doctor, in-network at lower cost

    Preventative Plus

    This plan minimizes cost for members while encouraging proper preventative treatment. We also offer a Preventative Plus plan designed in a way that may be a good complement to the benefits a Veteran receives through VA healthcare.

    • 100% in-network coverage for preventative services
    • 50% coverage on many basic services, after deductible
    • Discounts on other services may be available in-network


    Preventative Value PPO

    A great option for budget-conscious clients who appreciate straight-forward dental care.

    • 100% in-network coverage for preventative services
    • 50% coverage on many basic services, after deductible
    • Savings with any in-network dentist

    Dental Savings Plus

    The Humana Dental Savings Plus is a dental discount card, not an insurance plan.

    • Discounts on dental services typically 20-40%
    • No deductible, copays or waiting periods
    • Additional savings on vision, hearing, and more

    Dental Value HI215 or C550 DHMO

    Members on this plan choose a primary care dentist selected from our HMO network, and still receive benefits on many services.

    • Benefits available immediately
    • No copayment for preventative services ($10-$15 office charge may apply)
    • No maximum benefit limit or deductible
Educational Resources

Knowledge to Chew On

Whether you learn best by listening, watching, or reading, we’ve got the educational resource that works for you. Discover more about Humana’s strong dental plans and how you can help your members achieve whole-person health by caring for their teeth.

Dental and vision plans, excluding Dental Savings Plus, may have a minimum one-year initial contract period. Dental PPO Plans are not offered in all states.

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