Whole-Veteran Health

Helping Veterans get the care they’ve earned.

Taking care of Veterans is a responsibility, and we’re doing our part at Humana. Our Medicare Advantage Honor Plans* provide coverage that can help Medicare-eligible Veterans complement their VA benefits, support whole-Veteran health, and are recommended by USAA across the nation.** We added 20 new Honor Plans* and expanded coverage to 46 states. We made our Part B give back more competitive in more counties. Why? Because we make Veterans and their health a priority. That’s human care, and it’s our mission to put it into action. Each and every day.

The Plans

Built to Serve.

Our nation’s Veterans deserve healthcare that meets their needs. Humana’s Honor Plans* were built to do just that by complementing their VA benefits and providing additional health, dental and other coverage.

USAA** recommends Humana’s Honor Plans and all other Humana Medicare Advantage plans through an exclusive partnership for 2021. Drive plan membership and retention with “Recommended by USAA” Veteran-focused content in the Marketing Resource Center, Digital Marketing Materials and the MA Honor Enrollment Book in the Medicare Document Library, all accessible via Vantage.

  • Honor Plans

    Here’s what your members could get when they enroll:

    • $0 member premium on all plans
    • Competitive Part B giveback ($10-144 per month)
    • Dental coverage, a major gap in both Original Medicare and VA coverage
    • Annual allowance of $100 or more for eyeglasses or contacts
    • Annual coverage toward a hearing aid
    • “No surprise” fixed copay for in-network urgent care
    • May include additional benefits such as SilverSneakers®, Go365, and OTC allowance for select health and wellness products***
    • Note: Remember Agents, clients don’t have to be a Veteran to enroll in a Humana Honor Plan and eligible Veterans may enroll in any Medicare plan.
Why Humana Plans

“We understand that Veteran health goes beyond physical symptoms—it’s a state of general well-being that encompasses a healthy body and mind—and our Humana plans, like our Humana Medicare Advantage Honor Plans, reinforce our ongoing commitment to support the total care our Veterans need, not just the doctor’s office.”

-Alan Wheatley, President, Retail Segment at Humana.

*All Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to enroll in a Humana Honor Plan, where available, and Medicare-eligible Veterans can enroll in any Medicare plan.

**USAA and the USAA Logo are registered trademarks of the United Services Automobile Association. All rights reserved. USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates. Use of the term “USAA member” or “USAA membership” refers to membership in USAA Membership Services and does not convey any legal or ownership rights in USAA. Restrictions apply and are subject to change.

***Prescription drug coverage is not included in the plans.

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