Choice. Security. Ease.

Humana’s Medicare Supplement Plans offer network freedom, guaranteed renewal and simplicity for members at competitive prices—and often a 90% member-satisfaction rate.1 Great for clients and Agents alike.

  • Enact human care

    Include Med Supp as part of your sales strategy to get clients in the right plan for their needs.

  • Financial security

    Limit surprise costs with predictable payments for simpler budgeting.

  • Discounts and services

    Extensive discounts on dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs plus services like SilverSneakers® and Well Dine.

  • Maximum provider choice

    No networks. No referrals. No pre-authorizations. Humana’s Med Supp plans make going to the doctor—any doctor who accepts Medicare—a breeze.


Medicare Supplement

For the right client, Medicare Supplement can be a dream come true: predictable costs, protection from unforeseen medical expenses, the freedom to choose any provider who accepts Medicare, no referrals, a plan that’s guaranteed renewable2 and extra services and discounts.3 Not to mention competitive premiums.

Let’s talk about financial peace of mind. Typically, Original Medicare pays for 80 percent of Medicare-covered costs. Medicare Supplement helps members pay for the costs Medicare doesn’t cover. Enrollees know their medical costs upfront for simple and easy budgeting on a monthly and yearly basis. What’s more, plans are guaranteed renewal as long as members pay premiums and are truthful on their application.

Humana’s Medicare Supplement plans provide year-round sales opportunities for Agents. Plus, we’ve made significant investments to make premiums even more competitive.

  • Medicare Supplement

    Here’s how your clients could benefit from a Medicare Supplement Plan:

    • Choice: Members can choose any provider who accepts Medicare patients.
    • Protection: Medicare Supplement plans help cover costs Medicare Parts A and B don’t, to help limit surprise costs.
    • Guaranteed renewable: The insurance company can’t cancel a policy as long as the premium is paid and the applicant is truthful on their application.
    • Extra services available at no additional charge: SilverSneakers® fitness program*, discounts on hearing and vision, a 24-hour Nurse Advice Line and more.**
Educational Resources

Learning Never Stops

Learn why and how to make Med Supp part of your selling strategy—year-round.

Our Bonuses Benefit You

Humana knows Agents work hard for every penny they earn. That’s why we offer periodic bonus programs for products like Med Supp.

Contact your local support team for details.

*SilverSneakers® fitness program is not available with Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement plans

**Extra services may vary by plan and location.


2As long as they pay their Medicare Supplement premiums and have been honest on their application. Their plan can never be cancelled as long as these criteria are met.

3Plan services and discounts may vary by plan and service area. 

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