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Medicare Supplement or “Med Supp” plans are a transparent, flexible way to add additional coverage to medical needs not fully covered by Original Medicare. Clients get clear medical costs upfront and the freedom to choose any provider who accepts Medicare they want, even when traveling. With competitive premiums for members, and year-round sales opportunities for you, Med Supp shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, a 2021 survey showed an 89 percent member-satisfaction rate across carriers nationwide.1


Re-introduced this year, agents in AL, KS, OK, and TX can sell Humana Med Supp plans to better serve clients and grow their book of business. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Human care

    Selling Med Supp is a great way to offer a personalized experience and find flexible ways to fit your clients individual needs.

  • Financial peace of mind

    Simplified, predictable payments for your clients means less surprises, easier budgeting and more confidence in their future.

  • Extra services and discounts

    Many Med Supp plans have discounts on dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs, plus whole-person health services like SilverSneakers® and Well Dine.

  • Choice of care

    No networks. No referrals. No pre-authorizations. Members with Med Supp plans can go to any doctor available that accepts Medicare, even while traveling.

  • Guaranteed renewal*

    As long as the premium is paid and members are truthful on their application, the insurance company can never cancel a policy. Which means even more peace of mind.

  • Year-round sales

    Clients can enroll in MedSupp plans at certain times outside of AEP. Which means more flexibility for them, and more opportunities to grow your book of business for you.

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From product details to sales strategies, our educational resources help you identify ideal Med Supp candidates and get them in the right plans for their lifestyles and budgets. That's human care at work.

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The Medicare landscape changes constantly. But Humana has the resources you need to stay up to date and ahead of the game. Our Med Supp Agent and Underwriting Guides give you a solid baseline.


* As long as they pay their Medicare Supplement premiums and have been honest on their application. Their plan can never be cancelled as long as these criteria are met.

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