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Wondering how to navigate a virtual sales season? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re living in an unprecedented time with a lot of new normals, so facing a socially distanced AEP may seem overwhelming. But as always, we’re here so you don’t have to go it alone. Here you’ll find a library of content and resources focused on helping you make the most of a virtual AEP.

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Virtual Educational Events

How to deliver a virtual event, without losing the human touch.

Virtual Sales Presentations

Learn how to conduct a compliant sales presentation.

Virtual Educational Events

To connect with your clients, you need to be able to host events. So Humana has created a virtual Medicare educational event process that’ll allow you to educate prospects and build relationships with existing members. 
Four steps to a successful virtual educational event.

Get started by getting educated. Review the Virtual Educational Events Job Aid.

  1. Search “Virtual” on the MRC through Vantage to find promotional flyers.
  2. There are a variety of platforms available, including Skype, Zoom and Facebook Live.
  3. Be confident presenting virtually. Practice before your event!
  4. Ask attendees to mute their line and use chat for questions.

Report your educational event early! All virtual educational events must be reported to the Sales and Marketing Support Executive prior to advertising or 10 days in advance, whichever comes first. The following details must be provided:

  1. Event Type: Virtual Educational
  2. Meeting URL
  3. Call-in number
  4. Meeting number (access code)

Virtual Sales Presentations

Agents may now begin to host individual virtual sales presentations using digital tools such as Webex. Utilize Humana’s Digital Marketing Materials tool to provide the materials needed to conduct a virtual sales presentation and share screens to walk your client through the contents. The sales presentation video as well as all required materials at point of sale are included.
Five important steps to executing a compliant individual telephonic or virtual presentation.

  1. Ensure you have express written permission to contact your prospects and you complete a scope of appointment
  2. Send the required sales materials to your client prior to all telephonic meetings
  3. Rehearse before your appointment
  4. Conduct a full and compliant sales presentation
  5. Use the approved enrollment methods

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