Wondering how to navigate a virtual sales season? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re living with a lot of new normals, so facing a socially distanced AEP may seem overwhelming. But as always, we’re here so you don’t have to go at it alone. Here you’ll find a library of content and resources focused on helping you make the most of a virtual AEP.

New to all things digital and virtual? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you get the knowledge and skills you need to start marketing yourself digitally, transition to virtual events and sales appointments, leverage Humana’s online tools and start post-enrollment off right from day one.

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Lead Generation: Digital Marketing

We’re working to make digital marketing a little easier.

Lead Generation: Virtual Events

Move your presentation skills into the virtual realm with Humana.

Sales: Virtual Appointments

Learn how to transition from face-to-face interactions to virtual ones.

Sales: Online Enrollment

Our enhanced enrollment tools make enrollment faster for you and your clients.


Keep clients engaged all year long with these retention tactics.

Lead Generation: Digital Marketing

Learn how to tell your story online to attract new clients and retain your existing Book of Business. Our suite of educational resources give you the basics alongside insider tips and deep dives that help drive your success. Whether you’re brand new to digital marketing or want to optimize your existing efforts, we have the knowledge you need to take your digital marketing to the next level.
  • Mandatory Training
    HMU Social Media Tool

    Knowledge meets compliance in this mandatory Marketing Resource Center Social Media Tool training.

    Get Trained
  • Grow Your Book
    How to Leverage the Power of Referrals this AEP and Beyond

    Leverage your existing client relationships to create new client connections using Humana’s tools.

    Keep Reading
  • Build Your Reputation
    Humana Cares About Community—We Know You Do Too

    Do good while building your reputation in the community through volunteerism. We’ll show you how.

    Learn More
Digital Marketing

See more of our Digital Marketing content to help you find sales success.

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Maximize Your Social Media Presence: An...
Learn how to build a Facebook presence.


Read Time: 8 min

Five Tips to Ramp Up Your...
Get quick tips on digital marketing in an increasingly online world with this 8-minute read.


Read Time: 7 min

Three Tips to Kick Your Social...
Looking to grow your Facebook business page? Use these three tactics to get more out of posts.


Humana’s Digital Marketing Tools Drive Your Success

Humana’s digital marketing tools make it simpler and faster for you to market yourself online. Learn more about each tool through the links below.

Marketing Resource Center (MRC) now features a Social Media Tool and email functionality in addition to traditional marketing materials like direct mail, print advertising and flyers. Learn more about the MRC in this article.

My Humana Business Center enables you to proactively engage with your Book of Business which could help you earn more referrals. Listen to this podcast or read this article to learn more about client retention tactics that could lead to more referrals.


Keep a Pulse on Compliance

Stay on the up and up when it comes to digital marketing compliance. We’ve gathered the policies into one place to make it easier for you to get the dos and don’ts.

Communications Policy

Marketing Policy

Social Media Training

Social Media Policy

MRC Social Media Pilot FAQs

Lead Generation: Virtual Events

Virtual events give you an opportunity to connect with prospects and clients online. They can help you build awareness of your brand and services, develop meaningful connections with attendees and enable you to scale up your reach. Whether you’re hosting an educational event or introducing attendees to Medicare, we have the resources to help you create a memorable, engaging and successful event.
Virtual Events

See more of our Virtual Events content to help you find sales success.

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One Pagers

Read Time: 3 min

Video Conference Platforms and You: What...
New to video conferencing platforms? Check out this guide.

One Pagers

Read Time: 9 min

10 Ways to Video Conference Like...
New to video conferencing? Use this checklist for your next video-conference event or appointment.


Read Time: 9 min

Maximize Your Virtual Event Promotion with...
You’ve set up a virtual event, now learn how to promote it in this 9–10 minute read.


Other Virtual Event Tools and Resources

Leverage virtual event promotional materials in the MRC via Vantage. Search for “virtual” to find marketing assets. Learn more about updates to the MRC here.

Career Agents: use Connection Hub to track virtual events. Read more about Connection Hub enhancements in this article.


Four Steps to a Successful Virtual event

Get started by getting educated. Review the Virtual Educational Events Job Aid and the Best Practices for a Virtual Meeting Job Aid.

1. Search “virtual” on the MRC through Vantage to find promotional flyers.

2. There are a variety of platforms available, including WebEx, Zoom or GoToMeeting.

3. Be confident presenting virtually. Practice before your event!

4. Ask attendees to mute their line and use chat for questions.


Report your educational events early! All virtual educational events must be reported to the Sales and Marketing Support Executive prior to advertising or 10 days in advance, whichever comes first. The following details must be provided:

1. Event Type: Virtual Educational

2. Meeting URL

3. Call-in number

4. Meeting number (access code)


Stay on the Right Side of Compliance with Virtual Events

Compliance remains a top priority for Agents whether in-person or in the virtual realm. Use these job aids and policies on Humana MarketPoint University to stay compliant.

Virtual Event Compliance Guidelines

Planning and Conducting a Virtual Seminar

Sales: Virtual Appointments

Pivoting to remote or virtual sales from face-to-face sales is a process. But we’ve made it more manageable by breaking it down into steps to take before, during and after appointments. We’ll help you figure out what platforms to use and how to prepare in advance. Our best practices help you communicate better and more effectively during meetings. You’ll know what steps to take after a sales appointment with our resources.
    Video Conference Platforms and You: What You Need to Know

    Not sure what to look for in a video conference platform? This guide gives you the basics.

    Get the Guide
    10 Ways to Video Conference Like a Pro

    These 10 tips could help you host a smoother and more successful virtual appointment.

    Learn How
Virtual Sales

See more of our Virtual Sales content to help you find sales success.

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Watch Time: 30 min

Making it Personal: How to Make...
Learn how to sell virtually (and compliantly), including how to use our online enrollment tools.


Read Time: 9 min

Five Strategies to Use on Your...
Transition from in-person to remote meetings with these critical soft skills in this quick read.


Read Time: 10 min

New to Digital Marketing and Virtual...
Understand the virtual sales process from beginning to end with this five to 10-minute read.


Using Telephonic and Electronic Signatures

We’ve made it easier for clients to sign a Scope of Appointment (SOA) from afar in one of two ways:


1. Sign with their voice over the phone via:

a. Humana IVR system (1-866-945-4471)

b. Enrollment Hub

c. FastApp in Vantage Agent Portal


2. Sign electronically using:

a. Enrollment Hub

b. FastApp


Telephonic signature how-tos:

Enrollment Hub



Electronic signature steps:

Enrollment Hub



These tools and resources make virtual sales appointments easier for you—and for clients:


Digital Marketing Materials lets you email required sales materials prior to a sales appointment.

Enrollment Hub makes capturing the SOA easy with electronic and telephonic signature options.

FastApp via Vantage lets your client sign with their voice or an electronic signature.

Connection Hub now lets you track virtual sales appointments.

Career Agents can track calls and create dispositions using Canvas and they’ll be stored in Connection Hub. Learn more in this article.

Listen to real Agents give real-world advice on virtual sales presentations.


What to Know about Telephonic and Virtual Sales Compliance

Sales: Online Enrollment

Humana’s suite of online enrollment tools makes enrollment easier and faster in addition to more transparent, accessible, accurate and secure. Whether your client wants to enroll themselves or have you enroll them in a plan, Humana’s online enrollment tools can help. With new enhancements, we’ve made your workflow and the enrollment process simpler and more efficient no matter what enrollment method you or your client choose.
  • Retain Your Book
    How to Leverage the Agent of Record Pledge this AEP

    Ensure Humana retains you as the Agent of Record this AEP with this mini-guide.

    Learn More
  • New Incentive
    Humana’s Member Care Assessment

    Learn more about this optional member survey and how you can earn an extra cash incentive per completed survey.

    Discover More
Online Enrollment

See more of our Online Enrollment content to help you find sales success.

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One Pagers

Read Time: 3 min

Help Clients Pick a Telephonic or...
Not sure which enrollment tool to use when? Use this handy decision tree to find out.


Watch Time: 30 min

Making it Personal: How to Make...
Learn how to sell virtually (and compliantly), including how to use our online enrollment tools.


Easier and more efficient enrollment—online.

These online enrollment tools and resources help to speed up the process by making it more accurate and transparent. Self-enrollment tools let clients enroll themselves while still giving you credit for the sale. We’ve made improvements to our Agent enrollment tools for a remote sales environment.



Digital Marketing Materials

Clients can self-enroll with Digital Marketing Materials. After a fully compliant sales presentation, send up to three plans for a side-by-side comparison. Digital Marketing Materials now supports MA, MAPD, PDP, CSNP, DSNP, CarePlus and IDV plans. Additional perks include all compliant sales materials in one place and a mobile-friendly platform. Other updates include:

– End-to-end Spanish experience

– Audience-specific content for Veterans, DSNP, CSNP and CarePlus

– Subject line modification

– Pre-appointment email


Agent Online Application 

For those clients who want to self-enroll in a Med Supp plan, you can send them your Agent Online Application link (obtained through Humana MarketPoint University) after a fully compliant sales presentation.



Enrollment Hub

Enrollment Hub’s end-to-end workflow lets you complete everything for virtual enrollment in a single tool: SOA, integration with Rx Calculator and MA, MAPD, DSNP, PDP and IDV enrollment. The prefilled CMS data reduces pending applications, making the enrollment process faster, more accurate and more efficient. Use it in the Google Chrome browser for the best experience. Updates for AEP 2021 include:

– Electronic or telephonic SOA

– Electronic signature for all products in English and Spanish (except for Group or IDV)

– IDV products now supported



Use FastApp via Vantage to enroll clients in a Med Supp plan. Use it in the Microsoft Edge browser for the best experience. Recent enhancements include:

– Electronic signature option

– Telephonic signature option


Rx Calculator

Rx Calculator crunches the numbers for you so you can look beyond premium costs and understand total costs of premiums, deductibles and copays. This tool provides the transparent information your clients need to find a drug plan that fits their needs and budget. The Blue Button 2.0 integration makes it even easier and faster to ensure clients’ prescriptions are covered in their Medicare Advantage or Pard D plan.


Find a Doctor tool with Care Highlight program

Humana’s Find a Doctor tool with Care Highlight program helps you and your clients find in-network doctors. This tool provides you with an intuitive interface that lets the client filter results to find a provider that fits your client’s needs. With the Care Highlight rating system, you and your clients have access to provider information on clinical quality and cost-efficiency for many providers. Ratings are subject to error and should only be used as one factor in making a decision about which physician to choose. Learn more by watching this on-demand webinar and with this one-pager.



The Vantage Agent Portal is your one-stop resource for Humana online tools, sales and marketing materials, training and professional enrichment. We’ve added the Plan Eligibility guide link to the DSNP Verification link. We’ve also enabled the DSNP Verification link for Florida as well for faster, easier verification. (CarePlus will still provide a phone number for verification.)


Humana Telesales Agent

Have a client with a like-to-like plan change (e.g. one MAPD plan to another MAPD plan)? Ask clients to call a Humana Telesales Agent to complete the plan-to-plan change at 1-877-367-6174, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Using a Humana Telesales Agent helps you spend less time on the enrollment process and more time cultivating prospects and deepening client relationships. Plus, you’ll retain your Agent of Record status.


Closing a sale isn’t the end of the road; in fact, it’s a beginning. The post-enrollment process is critical to retaining your Book of Business for the long run. With Humana’s post-enrollment tools and educational resources, you can set yourself and your clients up for a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship. We help you put clients at the center of your retention strategy.

See more of our Post-Enrollment content to help you find sales success.

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Watch Time: 45 min

How Humana’s Member Tools Can Help...
Learn what digital tools we offer for members and how those tools can help them live happier lives.


Listen Time: 22 min

Make Retention Your #1 Sales Strategy
Learn some of the best retention strategies and how you can prevent rapid disenrollment.


Read Time: 8 min

Five Retention Tactics to Use All...
Learn how to retain clients with these five strategies in this eight-minute read.


My Humana Business Center

As your go-to post-enrollment tool, My Humana Business Center gives the insight you need to provide exceptional customer service to your Book of Business. With enhanced transparency and 24/7 accessibility, you have the information you need on your clients right at your fingertips.


Don’t waste anymore time on the phone checking on your clients’ enrollment status. Instead, get the enrollment status of your Book of Business in a few clicks at My Humana Business Center. Leverage My Humana Business Center’s reporting to get the upcoming month’s birthdays so you can send personalized birthday cards and stay top of mind with your clients. Use the Service Inquiries feature to report any customer concerns directly to Humana.


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